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EV first timer

Posted: Wed, 05 Dec 2007, 02:18
by Riverend
Hi EV-ers - I’ve been bitten by the EV bug and looking seriously in to the ways I could take to convert to Electric drive. The vehicle will probably be a Rav 4 Honda CRV or Suzi Vitara for ground clearance as we do quite a bit of dirt road commuting. Tending to an Ac 3 phase motor 11 or 15kw 4 pole coupled directly to the tail shaft. (We are Grape growers and have all sorts of 3 phase motors. An electric Quad or motor bike sounds good too!)

Batteries to be Litium Ion, which while expensive seem to be the best long term choice. I’m still coming to grips with the controller - does it invert the DC to AC ?

Danfoss has been mentioned. I’ve talked to a few dealers of 3 phase gear but most aren’t switched on to EV’s yet.

The other items I’m sorting are power assisted steering, air conditioning, and the possibility of a diesel alternator, on Biodiesel, as a back up. Should have room in the engine bay with the traction motor going where the gear box used to be.

If any one has some pearls of wisdom it would be most appreciated. Image

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EV first timer

Posted: Thu, 06 Dec 2007, 19:48
by Thalass
Do as much research as you can! heh.

My configuration is going to be similar to yours, it would seem, with a different donor vehicle. Where are you planning on getting your batteries?

EV first timer

Posted: Fri, 07 Dec 2007, 02:49
by Riverend
Lots of research seems to be the go! Thanks

Batteries - at this point I know only of Thundersky's from EV Power. We're from SA and little seems to be available here. Next stop AC motor/ variable drive dealers in Adelaide to find out more on the controller side. A check of Registration requirements for the conversion is up there too!
Still researching a smallish biodiesel alternator as back up and may be easily removable when not needed. Have seen the pusher/generator trailer idea however I want to keep it simple so my wife will drive it! So extra grunt at times for Air Cond may be needed.
Regenerative braking is on the list and may use, if OK with rego, the cluth pedal to switch regenerative braking as it seems a natural modification to driving style leaving the right foot to cover the existing accelerator brake combo.

The small SUV's seem to have enough room in the transmission tunnel for an 11kw aluminium 3 phase motor. Have found a CMG SLA 4 pole motor weighing 90kgs, 98 NM torque @1460rpm. Image

EV first timer

Posted: Sun, 16 Dec 2007, 05:27
by zeva
Hi Riverend,

Your plans sound pretty similar what Tuarn Brown (our current AEVA president) did with his Suzuki Sierra, i.e using an industrial 3-phase AC motor with a Danfoss VFD. Check out the EV album listing here:

Definitely worth dropping him an email to chat about it.

Regarding batteries, unless you need massive amounts of power (e.g for racing), ThunderSky LFPs do seem to be the best option right now. Rod Dilkes at is the only reseller in Australia I'm aware of - I got my batteries from him and everything went very smoothly.

EV first timer

Posted: Thu, 03 Jul 2008, 21:02
by Johny
Hi Riverend
Your CMG Motor sounds perfect. That's the way I have decided to go after much fluffing around with looking at DC motors and controllers and getting thoroughly disheartened. You wouldn't have the odd 11kW 4 pole aluminium frame SLA kicking around would you. I am trying to get new prices at the moment.

EV first timer

Posted: Thu, 03 Jul 2008, 21:29
by Benonymous
The Honda CRV would be a good candidate. They have a really big rear differential set up. It's not just the diff, there's something else hanging off it in the front. Anyway, that would be a good place to put the motor.

Good luck on your project. AC and LiFePO4 is the way to go if you want to do a thorough job.