Automatic versus Manual for EV

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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Automatic versus Manual for EV

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There are few details which most Converters are not aware of.
Auto needs a oil pump-- cooler-- Oil running through the converter--(Without converter all oil from gearbox will have to be sealed)
I am being assure that this problem can be overcome from one of Gympies Finest Auto Specialists. When asked why is he going to research and spend amount of time solving the details .. His reply was If EV conversions are going to drive Auto transmission then i am sure to have a lifetime job.. I thought that was very unselfish and he is in contact with me and as soon as he will succeed ( which he assured me he will) We will all find out --How to
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Automatic versus Manual for EV

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Some auto trannies like the old BW35s on small British cars have no cooler, just the sheetmetal pan surface.
Also as said, old Torqueflites have two pumps, so once you are moving you have pressure. A couple of others have this too.

With a single pump box I would be inclined to have the pump shaft couple straight to the drive shaft, but have an electric pump with a small accumulator which is activated whenever the pressure is below a certain level and the shifter is in gear. As soon as you moved off it would buld up pressure from the main pump and the small prime pump would shut off.

An auto without a torque converter is pretty efficient.

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Automatic versus Manual for EV

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Goombi;Have you made any discoveries since February on the best way to use an Autotranny?

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