A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Post by zeva »

Hi all,

Well I seem to be getting more and more requests through the ZEVA website of people looking for "turnkey" EV conversions - i.e they want an EV conversion, but don't have the time/space/expertise to do it themself. Six people in the last two days alone! So far I'm only aware of three workshops around the country offering this service:
The way things seem to be heading, I get the impression that any professional converters in Australia are going to be run off their feet within the next 12 months! Are there any others around the country I might be able to refer people to? Make yourself known Image
Ian Hooper
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A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Post by Sheany »

I know this is an old thread, but you did ask for us to make ourselves known. I'm Brad, and I'm just setting up shop in Melbourne's South East, initially EV-Parts supply, but once I get myself sorted, will be moving in to conversions. I will keep you posted on happenings, but I'm trying to be registered and operational for January 1st 2012.
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A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Post by nat1971a »

Great Please let us know when you are offering conversion services. Melbourne really needs someone.

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A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Post by AMPrentice »

Does Latrobe University offer conversion services done by students?
I heard they do some work with EVs

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A call for professional EV conversion workshops?

Post by Bluefang »

How professional are you looking for?

I am just starting out and have done my own road legal motorbike and custom e-bikes etc. Due to not having done conversions for others i am offering cost price builds for the first couple of motorbikes or light vehicles.

$15,000 for 100kw(input power, should be fairly close output) with a 13kw/h battery pack. Anything above and below those values can be done but that's a rough idea for pricing assuming the client provides a donor bike/vehicle. For the above in a motorbike it would need to be >600cc sized bike and preferably twin spar frame.

Derek Hohmann
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