DC-DC converters, how much power do we really need

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DC-DC converters, how much power do we really need

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Tritium_James wrote: Does the curtis make the contactor open every time you lift off the throttle? Weird...

That is how their manual recommends configuring things and how I did it. They also recommend a resistor (several 100ohms from memory) to bypass the contactor to 'pre-charge' the input caps of the controller but not allow enough current to pass to actually produce much power.
Their point is that the contactor will be open whenever power is not required due to a microswitch on the pot box. If the wiper on the pot box or the controller were to misbehave (say, fail with full power to the motor) one would still have cut power to the motor just by taking one's foot of the accelerator. Seems sensible to me!
It would also save just a little bit of power (15W? or 24W?, from memory) from not activating the relay coil all the time.
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