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Tesla PW2

Posted: Mon, 13 Nov 2017, 11:40
by Rusdy
Damn this guy called Elon Musk. He hit my weak spot. I have this unhealthy addiction to anything battery powered and inverters. When one combined them both, then who am I to resist? Need to remortgage the house for this, hence, my family will live on boiled water and salt from now on (powered by PW2)!

Wheel added so it can fit to a 'vehicle' forum:

My observation to date, can be found here.

Too bad Tesla took the wording out of the older advertisement: "Powerwall provides backup power during utility outages, natural disasters and even the Zombie Apocalypse (you know it's coming).". Since it's pretty much what it is at the current cost.

Re: Tesla PW2

Posted: Mon, 13 Nov 2017, 14:09
by mikedufty
Is the anti islanding, backup function when the grid goes down built in, or something that had to be installed specifically? Couldn't find much detail of that in their webpage previously.

Roughly how much did it cost installed?

Re: Tesla PW2

Posted: Mon, 13 Nov 2017, 14:22
by Rusdy
The battery and the 5kW inverter is definitely built-in to the same enclosure (with the big a$$ Tesla logo on it). The 'Gateway' box, from what the installer told me (and also from Tesla's block diagram) contains a 'switch'. I'm guessing this is a remote controlled switch (controlled by the PW2) as an anti-islanding switch. During installation, I did see a big ass circuit breaker on the 'gateway' box. The gateway box is ugly as.

So that we're on the same page, the gateway box is a separate enclosure and must be installed close to the electricity meter / DB:

It cost me AUD12,100. However, my PW2 is quite a distance from the gateway box (roughly 15 metres). Also, I got charged extra since my house is 3-phase (4 CTs to monitor 3 phases and solar input).