Charging ThunderSkys

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Charging ThunderSkys

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Can someone point me in the direction of charging info for the thundersky batteries.
Im designing my own charging system, hopefully it will be very cost effeftive and simple enough for anyone to build. Ill start up a DIY charger thread with pictures and all.
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Charging ThunderSkys

Post by commanda »

If you're talking BMS, I'm currently building one similar to this one; ... 12f49d60ff ... 12f49d60ff

for my 16 x TSLFP40 for my EVT scooter. Charger is 3 x 24 volt 6.5 amp switchmode supplies made by meanwell. The controller part of the BMS has 2 constant current sources in parallel, 4 amp & 2 amp. Initial bulk charge both sources are on, charging at 6 amps. Once any cell reaches float, the 4 amp source switches off, and charging continues at 2 amps until all cells reach float. 15 minutes later the 2 amp source also switches off. Currently under construction, shake-down testing this weekend. BTW, my cells arrived today; woo-hoo.

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Charging ThunderSkys

Post by antiscab »

charging for thunderskys is basically
cc at 0.3C then cv at 3.7-3.8vpc.
the when current falls to 1A (i think?) cv at 3.5-3.6vpc.

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