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Currentways chargers up to 900 V!

Posted: Tue, 02 Apr 2013, 04:26
by jonescg
Currentways chargers are releasing a high voltage version of their liquid cooled chargers. Currently they are capable of up to 450 V, and you would run two of them in series for higher voltage systems. That sounds like trouble, especially if you want to be able to adjust the output of the DC side; not to mention the BMS issues. So the promise of later releases of up to 900 V DC is pretty exciting!

One of these running from a single phase 32 A socket should give me 7 kW charging on the CRX, or roughly a 5 hour charge (overnight cheap rates without the shoulder!).

Also, if I want more power for fast charging on longer trips, I can parallel them and run one off each phase. Seems a lot easier than three TC chargers in series with isolated sub-packs etc.

Currentways chargers up to 900 V!

Posted: Tue, 02 Apr 2013, 17:12
by celectric
Any idea of price, and if there is a local distributor?

Currentways chargers up to 900 V!

Posted: Tue, 02 Apr 2013, 19:01
by coulomb
celectric wrote: Any idea of price, and if there is a local distributor?

Looks like you could get prices if you registered:

Note that even the 220-450 V versions of the 6.6 kW charger seem to be marked as preliminary.

They seem to be happy to sell single chargers from their website, and take credit cards. They seem to process through PayPal, you you could probably pay by PayPal as well.

They mention authorised distributors in one of the FAQ answers, but I didn't find a list of them. They have one company listed under "Industry links", but it seems to be a big industrial company.

Currentways chargers up to 900 V!

Posted: Tue, 02 Apr 2013, 19:12
by jonescg
I've been in touch with Caleb Bolen by email, and he was keen to do a direct sale. No mention of prices, but I gather a 10 kg, 6.6 kW charger wouldn't be cheap. Probably $4k at a guess?

I'm awaiting a response from him in regards to the 900 V from a single charger thing. Not that a pair of chargers in series isn't a bad thing, it's just more trouble than a single charger, especially if you want faster charging later on.

Currentways chargers up to 900 V!

Posted: Thu, 04 Apr 2013, 16:51
by jonescg
I just heard back from Currentways / LHV Power (seems like they just recently merged or changed names).
Ladge wrote:Hello Chris,

Thank you for keeping in touch. Caleb is no longer with CurrentWays/LHV Power and I’ll gladly provide you information.

Good to hear that you are making progress on your race bike design and construction. I am not sure that Caleb’s ever communicated to you that 2 of our 3kW chargers can be easily connected in series WITHOUT the need for a center tap. Quite a few of our customers run pairs of our 3kw 450V chargers in this configuration (no center tap) and we even configured a 4-charger series/parallel 12kW system that charges a 680V pack. If you’d like to know more about the 6kW series capabilities, let me know.

I’m mentioning this because even though the 6.6kW charger you are interested in will have a 750V range, it will be a while before we can get you one.. We are still in the design stage (on the 6.6kW) and the production schedule is somewhat uncertain. If your CRX conversion is scheduled for late 2013 or 2014, then the 6.6kW might make a good candidate. I trust the previous paragraphs answered your question regarding availability of 700V charger.

Now to answer your other questions: both the 3kW and the (upcoming) 6.6kW chargers come with single phase input only and deliver full power at 220VAC. The chargers internally limit output power for input voltages below 200V, e.g. the 3kW charger will deliver no more than a little over 1kW with 120V input.

I don’t deal with charger pricing myself, but if you tell us your preference re: air cooled vs. liquid cooled charger for your CR-X, Michael will get you a quote. We are in the process of cost/price reduction and are transferring 3kW charger production to China and in short time the lower pricing will be available. I suspect you already have an off-board charger set up for your race bike, correct?
Looks like we can expect some price reductions too...