LiFePO4 terminals and straps chemistry

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LiFePO4 terminals and straps chemistry

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Using aluminium for any high current electrical application is just asking for trouble. There are still fires in the USA attributed to the use of aluminium cable and terminals in houses. The aluminium was used to reduce costs, not because it's a superior material for the job. But hey! it's the USA and the dollar is more important than human life, just google "Ford Pinto".

Once cut, aluminium oxidises very quickly and the oxide has very low electrical conductivity about 1x10 to 14 Ω ·cm as opposed to metallic aluminium which is 26 Ω ·cm. Copper is 17.1 Ω ·cm and copper oxide 0.35 Ω ·cm.

So in a high current situation, oxidised aluminium is really acting as a resistor and subsequently will get very hot and waste energy (whilst destroying anything in proximity to it with heat, like a plastic battery case).

If the terminals on the TS batteries are aluminium, they must be cleaned and coated immediately if they are to be at their best. What a bad choice for terminals, copper would be much better.
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LiFePO4 terminals and straps chemistry

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Yes, interesting that Sky Energy cells have a copper electrode.
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LiFePO4 terminals and straps chemistry

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The generator feeder cables on the 747 are multi-strand aluminium wire. 000 gauge or something bonkers like that. You need a hydraulic crimper to make the connections on the ends. But that is 115v 400hz, so it might be safer than 110v 50hz.

But they are brittle, and get replaced fairly often, whereas in a house the wires would keep going 'till they failed and the house burnt down, I suppose.

I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.
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