EV labelling laws

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EV labelling laws

Post by memecode »

So now we need to put these little stickers on our EV:


Does anyone else reckon the petrol and diesel vehicles should be the ones having to have stickers? They have liters and liters or flammable fuel right?

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Re: EV labelling laws

Post by brunohill »

Perhaps this ...
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You would not want all those electrons to leak out all over the road if your battery compartment was punctured.
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Re: EV labelling laws

Post by HuffnPuff »

Maybe they’ll start to label petrol cars when they become rare. Currently it can be safely assumed that a crashed vehicle has diesel or petrol as a fuel unless it has an lpg sticker. Ev’s ate still pretty rare
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Re: EV labelling laws

Post by PiMan »

To be clear (and as it states in the letter in the image), it only applies to EVs made this year onwards. Those of us with older EVs don't need to bother, which partially defeats the point of the labels in the first place.
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