Total Cost of Ownership

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Total Cost of Ownership

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Since I recently sold our i-MiEV, I have the opportunity to work out exactly what it cost to own.
The way I worked it out the biggest single item was rego. Total cost 36c/km which doesn't seem to bad. Three times what my e-bike costs.
I once had a Suzuki Swift that cost 10c per km, but that was a long time ago when rego and fuel were cheaper, and it was not worth insuring.

i-MiEV 2010 Total Ownership Cost
Details Date km
Bought 1/10/2014 19389
Sold 20/12/2018 45587

Total km 26198 km
Total years 4.22 Years

Purchase Price $15,000.00 $0.57 $3,552.89
Sale Price -$13,000.00 -$0.50 -$3,079.17

Total Cost Total per km per year
Depreciation $2,000.00 $0.08 $473.72
Service, parts and tyres $1,181.50 $0.05 $279.85
Tyres $570.00 $0.02 $135.01
Window Tinting $195.00 $0.01 $46.19
Rego $2,398.00 $0.09 $567.99
Insurance $1,484.25 $0.06 $351.56
Charging $1,571.88 $0.06 $372.31

Total $9,400.63 $0.36 $2,226.63

Assumes 30c/kwh for charging (my WA greenpower rate) can be much lower if you allow for solar charging.
Assumed 0.2 kwh/km (90km from fully charged 16kwh battery and 10% losses) may be a bit more than that.
Didn't include advertising costs for selling, or refunds on rego and insurance when sold.
Rego was in WA - could be different elsewhere
Insurance was the cheapest around with a high voluntary excess.
Was bought and sold with nearly new tyres, so tyre cost should be about right.

Better formatted on google sheets. ... sp=sharing
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Re: Total Cost of Ownership

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Wow, you're definitely one of the lucky one to get i-Miev @15k 4 years ago. Depreciation is always the killer dwarfing everything else.

I was so tempted to get i-Miev exactly 4 years ago as well from the dealer advertised at 14k. Too bad the 4-seat simply won't work for my family, so I got Leaf instead.
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