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Post by Skillbuild » Sun, 25 Mar 2018, 07:08

We are the largest Registered Training Organisation in Renewable Energy in Australia and are about to commence EV training for Technicians/Electricians. Our trainers are Electricians, Auto Mechanics and Engineers and we will be focusing on charging stations for Electricians and the National Skills Set developed for Auto Technicians. We also have a Contracting business doing EV charging station installations.

As we are designing the courses any advice would be greatly appreciated; whilst many of you might be EV users I'm sure that there are also many of you who work in the Industry and would have some helpful comments. In particular;

. Any training courses already being run
. Skills gaps
. Experiences with Electricians and installation of charging units
. Contacts we could use in the local industry - especially if they have a Certificate IV TAE ! Car manufacturer specialists as well.

I have done training in the UK (I'm an Electrician) and our Auto Trainer is about to head off to the US for an intensive 9 day course. We just bought a Nissan Leaf and want to purchase another couple of commercially produced vehicles - feel free to make suggestions.

Thanking you in advance,
Bill Gammon
Skillbuild Training

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Re: Training

Post by Bryce » Tue, 27 Mar 2018, 04:48

Hi Bill - re EVSEs - have just written an article for ReNew to help homeowners get up to speed with what is/isn't possible re EVSE choices to better inform them before calling in the electrician. Should be in newsagents (or in your letterbox if you subscribe) in next few days.

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