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Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Sat, 07 Oct 2017, 12:38
by jonescg ... r-2017.pdf

So they start a new bureaucracy to oversee the inevitability :lol: I shouldn't be so cynical.

Great to see state governments leading here.

Re: Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Tue, 29 May 2018, 02:06
by praxidice
I notice there are a few proposed future sites, including another between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, one north west of Helensvale , one between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and one between Cooroy and Maryborough. Does anyone have any details on these ? Needless to say, its an exercise in frustration trying to communicate with TMR staff.

Re: Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Tue, 29 May 2018, 09:08
by jonescg
They call it the Queensland Electric Superhighway - you can probably google that term and find all of the charge points and proposed sites.

Re: Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Tue, 29 May 2018, 12:55
by Richo
jonescg wrote:
Sat, 07 Oct 2017, 12:38
I shouldn't be so cynical.
Yeah that's MY job :lol:

They should have done this 5 years ago.

Page 35 recycling eV batteries.
"The Queensland Government is investigating the future economic opportunities that could be generated"

So no actual solutions.
What a surprise.
So the government wants to know how to make money out of YOUR batteries out of YOUR dead eV.
It's called taxing YOU to take YOUR dead batteries off your hands and sending them to a recycling plant overseas.

Well I guess if WA gets it together to process/make lithium batteries they should include the reprocess/recycle of dead ones.

Re: Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Tue, 29 May 2018, 13:10
by praxidice
Unfortunately it doesn't work like one unfamiliar with the ways of government muppets would reasonably expect. I had to learn advanced dentistry to extract information about the fate of the Helensvale site which was supposed to be functional late 2017 but now looks to be a late 2018 event. As for the 'proposed' sites, the best I've been able to get from the muppets has been a 'huh', hence the reason I posed the question here. The RACQ has been big-noting itself for doing stuff-all with EVs, unlike the NRMA which claims to have allocated $10 million to charging points, and the RACV and RACWA which also claim they are doing wonderful things. I can only assume the NRMA, RACV and RACWA are doing what they say because I haven't had reason to go there to check. Maybe if EVs had two wheels, no motor, and lycra-clad operators, the RACQ would be only too happy to assist as they have always been obsessed with pandering to the MAMIL fraternity. FWIW, there seems to be a phase one and a phase two to the so-called electric super-highway. Phase one is completed apart from Helensvale and Phase two proposes to install the two additional between Brisbane and Gold Coast, one between Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, and another somewhere north of Cooroy. No officially published information gives more than a vague location to the Phase two sites. To date I've been able to find anything remotely helpful about the Phase two sites as the muppets are even more useless than normal. Presumably SOMEONE has a plan for location but they haven't bothered to be identifiable or to let any information past the 'TOP SECRET' classification.

Re: Queensland Government adopts an EV strategy

Posted: Tue, 29 May 2018, 13:16
by praxidice
They should have done this 5 years ago.

Its a great surprise to me when ANY politician does something beneficial for the electorate, usually they can't tear their attention away from the gravy-train and / or keeping their grubby snouts in the feeding trough. I wear a few different advocacy hats which involve constant dealings with muppets. Anyone who doesn't start out cynical of officialdom most definitely will be after walking in my shoes for a while. From my experience, Queensland is easily the worst / least accountable / most corrupt state and it doesn't matter which mob of crooks are in government ... they are simply different sides of the same coin because the bureaucracy pulls the politicians strings anyway.