Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

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Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

Post by photomac » Mon, 27 Jul 2015, 19:00

"Join the Australian Institute of Energy and Young Energy Professionals as we bring you four electric cars (Tesla, Leaf, Volt & MiEV) and their proud owners to talk about the future of motoring."

for those interested ... nturl_text

Hopefully this link works otherwise the string above will get you there
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Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

Post by g4qber » Sun, 23 Aug 2015, 21:34

I went to this Event.

Cameron Parrotte - Western Power
Safety, Reliability, Affordability
Pricing Signals
eg. off peak power
Western Power wants EV owners to use their power at the right time.

We had two EV owners give talks:
a) Mark Puzey - LEAF and PHEV owner
2012 Dec - 2.5 years
22,000 kms
75% battery capacity warranty in 5 years

b) Nathan Harman - ex WRX, smartcar now Tesla Model S 85kWh owner
2 months with Tesla
was a vet now in IT
Model S is a computer on wheels

design objectives of model s:
full electric
best car in the world
premium, full featured
400km / 250 mile range

85kWh model s
540kg batt
0.24 coefficient of drag
Over the Air software updates
autopilot in a couple of weeks

Safety, 2 deaths
a) drove off cliff, suicide
b) stolen tesla

low centre of gravity 46cm above ground
2.1 tonnes

size & weight
luxury car tax in WA, 20-30% of purchase price
Matt K and I parked at the Pier St Carpark

RAC Electric Highway Presentation by
Dr Regina Flugge
Safe, Sustainable and Accessible
Less Emissions Mission.
talks started August 2014

Just came across this old presentation. ... dalitz.pdf

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Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

Post by g4qber » Thu, 27 Aug 2015, 01:08

2011 i-MiEV - 170 k kms

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Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

Post by dgh853 » Thu, 27 Aug 2015, 03:31

Some pretty poor work from a so called professor in that last presentation.

eg. the presentation assumes a range drop for EVs of 50% in cold weather - what utter rubbish!

Here's some other stupid points ...

"Currently-available BEVs appear unsuitable for long, high-speed journeys without some external re-charging options."
- Ah hello, have you heard of a company called Tesla whose cars can comfortably do 400km at freeway speeds and have been in Australia since December 2014 - 4 months before this presentation's date! You could make the same comment about gas vehicles and external re-fueling options i.e. gas stations!!!

"Government Incentives for PEVs in Australia includes (an) Indirect incentive of not taxing electricity as a fuel (for now at least)"
- good luck ever trying to work out whether someone has plugged in their car or a heater to a power point to add on some road tax!!!

"In Australia, electricity is supplied at 240-volts, enabling a vehicle to receive 240 volts at 30 amps (7.2 kWh/h) implying in theory a 24 kW vehicle (e.g., Nissan Leaf) should be rechargeable in under four hours. However, in reality, the ability of the vehicle to draw current is dictated by safety and service quality constraints, such that the effective charging rate is around 10–15 amps (2.4–3.6 kWh/h) implying around 6–10 h is needed for full re-charge of a 24 kW vehicle."
- safety and service quality constraints don't dictate charge rates it's the current list of EVs in Australia that limit that and in Tesla's case that's 10kW on single phase and 22kw on 3 phase.

Hopefully this sort of misleading and outdated rubbish doesn't find its way to politicians who are able to influence the growth of EVs in this country.
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Seminar - Future transport : Electric Car Showcase

Post by mikedufty » Thu, 27 Aug 2015, 19:09

50% is about right for an i-MiEV with the heater on. I believe the new Leaf's have reverse cycle airconditioning to reduce the problem, you can also just dress warmly, though demisting can be a problem.

The road tax is unlikely to be charged directly on electricity, but there are other ways government could recover the loss of fuel based road tax and they probably will eventually at least by the time EVs become dominant.

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