Sangamo Watt Hour Meter

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Sangamo Watt Hour Meter


Of course Ive already pulled mine apart because theres no such thing as non resettable and I reset mine back to 0.01 instead of 0.19.
Very tricky little interlocking crank handle from the counter/driver unit over to the rolling digit frame.
Get the white plastic facia off first with bent circlip pliers (compression) compressing the 2 spreader pins on the right then shift the facia over to the left to unhook it from the mount.
Then a single phillips head at the left side base of digit head and gently lift it out. Will have to remove the axle of the primary gear/crank then spin the main digits to zero.


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Sangamo Watt Hour Meter

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Is this your preferred method of free energy Image
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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Sangamo Watt Hour Meter

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            I have a few meters in service that have reading totals with no real relevance. New components have been swapped in and all I could do was note the number at changeover and subtract that from the new total.

Would be nice to reset it back to the new relevant reading.

Thanks for sharing.

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