Drive by emission testing

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Drive by emission testing

Post by mikedufty »

Anyone taking their EV to the free drive by emission test in Kings Park (Perth) on 22 March?

I suspect the result will be very boring, but I like the idea.

RAC article
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Drive by emission testing

Post by Johny »

Ha - a bit pointless. It does remind me of the day I showed the Vogue with other cars in the Rootes Group Car Club (Hillmans, Humbers, Alpines etc.) at Federation Square in Melbourne.
When the Fed Sq guys came around with drip trays I finally got to say "I don't need one of those".
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Drive by emission testing

Post by TooQik »

I was discussing my EV build with a mate the other day and he suggested I leave a rear muffler on but put a bubble blowing machine in it so that when the car was running bubbles would flow out the tail pipe....I wonder what the emissions testing people would think of this. Image
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Drive by emission testing

Post by Richo »

I'm waiting when it says your ev fails the drive by emission test.
DoE wrote:A vehicle must not emit visible smoke for a continuous period of more than 10 seconds. It applies to motor vehicles that are propelled by internal combustion engines that were built after 1930.
I wonder what happens about hybrids that aren't "Propelled" by internal combustion engines but eventually get smokey in 20 years time...

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