New Alternative Energy Vehicle: Riversimple

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New Alternative Energy Vehicle: Riversimple

Post by Brendan »

Released yesterday in the UK is the Riversimple quadracycle compliant vehicle running on Hydrogen fed fuel cells and regenerated energy through Capacitors, uses something like 20 ppm well to wheel (I am running from memory and a pretty poor scientific understanding of the technology) and will be offered to the public from 2012. Is apparently a 50% improvement on the previous best well to wheel effort - again as I am told.

Some other really interesting things about this:

1. Is the business plan. Riversimple will lease the customers to cars: all inclusive for 200 quid per month. This means hydrogen costs are included in the monthly rental. The logic behind this is to bind the producer to continually improve the product's efficiency: and it means a customer can expect upgrades to be delivered to the cars during it's runtime.

Along side that there is also consideration of flexibility in the product. That one is more as a demonstration of the technology: other models and so on are expected to follow offering 4 seats, wagons etc... What is possible under this business model is to offer rental engines for better performance or longer distance travel, body modifications etc...

2. Is the Open Source side of this business. Riversimple will open their technology up to the public and have an on-line community where other people can work with their technology and add their own improvements and options to it.

It means that their products can be manufactured anywhere (this is more complex in the business model but with all open source things it also means that anyone can go off and do their own thing too) but also it gives a real community project to develop long term sustainable motoring.

I hope it becomes popular.
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New Alternative Energy Vehicle: Riversimple

Post by Benonymous »

That is a really good little vehicle. Just what I have been dreaming about...
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New Alternative Energy Vehicle: Riversimple

Post by Thalass »

haha I posted a thing in The Lounge a few days ago. :p

I do like the open source nature of the project, though I'm sceptical of the whole hydrogen economy thing myself. Making hydrogen adds another step in the process. And it's simple to make your own electricity!
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.
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