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Post by ckas » Mon, 24 Dec 2007, 05:51

The Vectrix is now for sale in australia and there is a guy in W.A. importing them over. I had a test drive on the one they had as a demo model (not licensed yet so I could only take it around the local carpark).

It handels very well at low speed, better than my close to new hyosung 250cc petrol bike. The controls are fairly intuitive.

Price is 16,000 AUD plus on road costs, estimated 16,500 to 17,000 on road.

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Post by Thalass » Tue, 25 Dec 2007, 05:57

Ah! I read this and thought you were talking about the 3-wheeler! I was going to say... 17,000 is a bargain! Aptera

It's nice to know there'll be a few more EVs on the road soon.
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.

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